Regenerative Thermal Oxidation and Heat Recovery Equipment (Tohr or RTO in Short)

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Regenerative Thermal Oxidation and Heat Recovery Equipment (Tohr or RTO in Short)

Product Description

RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidation and Heat Recovery Equipment has been used widely in coating, printing, plastic and rubber, and electronic industries, for thermal oxidation and heat recovery of waste gas emitted from the coaters, with the advantages of energy saving, efficiency improvement, emission reduction and environmental protection. After the treatment by the RTO equipment, the emission index of organic waste gas can fully satisfy the National Standard GB 16297-1996 "The Standard of Atmospheric Pollutants Emission", which reduces atmospheric pollution greatly, to protect both the environment and the people's health.
The RTO equipment heats the VOC waste gas (Organic solvents in the waste gas are including acetone, butanone, ethyl acetate, methanol, cyclohexanone, xylene, etc. These solvents have a higher value of combustion heat.) to about 800, to make the hydrocarbons in the waste gas generating oxidation reaction at the high temperature, to become CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water), and then to be emitted to atmosphere. The thermal efficiency is more than 95%, and the elimination rate of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) is more than 97%. The RTO equipment achieves the periodical circulation and recovery of heat energy from the VOC oxidation. The recovered heat can be used for heating of the ovens on the coaters by a heat medium such as heat-conducting oil or steam. The waste heat recovered by the RTO equipment can satisfy the heat demands of the ovens.
Except for auxiliary preheating by fuel oil while startup, when the emission and concentration of VOC reach a certain index, the RTO equipment does not need any auxiliary fuel during normal operation, which can save energy and protect environment.
Energy Consumption Comparison:(for example,there ar four coaters with one set of TOHR-25000.)
Energy consumption without TOHR(electrical heating for the ovens):
Electrical consumption per hour for the ovens(four coaters): 1,200 kw
Electrical consumption per day for the ovens(twenty-four-hours/day): 28,800kw
Electrical consumption per year for the ovens(threee hundred days/year): 8,640,000kw
The total cost of electrical consumption per year(RMB 0.80 per/kwh): RMB 6912000.00
Energy consumption with TOHR(electrical heating for the ovens is replaced by heat exchange of the VOC waste gas):
Electrical consumption of heating for the ovens:0kW  
Fuel oil consumption for TOHR startup:less than RMB 600000.00 per year
As calculated according to different operation frequency for the coaters,energy saving can be approx.three to six million RMB every year.(The benefits are improved greatly.)

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